Publishing consultancy

We regularly organize focus groups with teachers to improve offers from school publishers.

Our work in schools and our experience of telling, doing and teaching mean we dialogue daily with our network of teachers. We discuss new educational developments as we collect teachers’ opinions and needs.

We help publishers make strategic choices in their search for new writers and fresh new book designs.

We work alongside Zanichelli Editore in managing and coordinating  texts and materials for teachers and students of law.

For five years, we have worked on designing and developing new proposals for Zanichelli Editore ranging from editorial planning to seeking out new solutions for digital and multimedia. We have organized and conducted numerous events in schools to present the latest proposals; these meetings are also aimed at improving quality with the contribution of teachers.

The design of a new proposal must come from a real need. Knowing the needs of teachers is half the job.

We helped Istituto Italiano Edizioni Atlas to design and produce its 2019 catalogue.

We design and coordinate training activities for teachers and students, on behalf of the Education Foundation.

Thanks to the science-oriented management of Dire Fare Insegnare (Tell, Do,  Teach) we have provided specific advice to various publishers in the field of Special Educational Needs.