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App&Ars è uno studio editoriale specializzato in didattica

We study the processes of knowledge, memory and emotion

Human beings are naturally different. Every intelligence must be able to achieve the goal of knowledge. To achieve this goal, we need to be able to stimulate the powers of imagination and wonder in every student. And teachers play a key role in this process. It is their charisma that must motivate and inspire students.

We plan our activities in close contact with publishers, teachers and researchers.

Talented researchers and teachers help us come up with new solutions to stimulate teachers’ creativity. Each one of our services –  from graphics to videos, from apps to cartography –  spring from our research. Over the years we have created a network of teachers to help us test and improve everything we offer to educational publishers.

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Key App&Ars services App&Ars

Graphic design and layout

A school book of quality can be recognised at first glance. The cover must be clear, immediate and engaging. And then its design and layout must respect the identity of the publisher, pertain to the correct scholastic level and make the most of the latest teaching tools and IT developments while of course respecting strict criteria of readability.

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Education through cartoon films and videos

We study the new frontiers of education through video. Our goal is to achieve sustainability and educational effectiveness with multimedia products. We always start from a context of real use when designing the most suitable video product for the task in hand.

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Digital education

Let’s start with the real needs of teachers. We build prototypes with them and test them directly in schools, on the interactive whiteboard or in laboratories. We believe in a technology that really helps students in reviewing, testing and using the equipment.

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We have twenty-five years’ experience in producing maps for school textbooks. We believe in the didactic value of cartography and design digital tools, lessons and courses starting from maps.

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Fase 2

Fase 2 is an open project for everyone that narrates historical processes and the representation of anthropic phenomena. New geographical, thematic and historical maps are periodically published in Fase2. Many of the maps published by Fase2 have Creative Commons licenses and are freely usable by publishers.

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Dire, fare, insegnare

Dire, fare, insegnare (Tell, do, teach) is a digital magazine exclusively for teachers: a publishing project that stems from the need to bring together and investigate teaching methods in line with scientific evidence. Every day DFI shares innovative teaching experiences, tools and ideas. Watch our videos on DFI TV! Our school blog gives voice to students and documents the most interesting educational projects including interviews with school professionals: heads, teachers and teacher trainers.

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