Promoting new publications

Together with publishers we work out the best communication strategies for a new publishing project. Our goal is to convey the distinctive features of a work in a clear and effective way, addressing the sales network or teachers directly.

We can put in place different tools for communication. These include wide-ranging  presentation events to focus groups restricted to the specific teachers of a subject; interactive seminars to blogs; the increasingly popular book trailer events to interviews with authors and social media campaigns to more traditional paper-based brochures and catalogues.

An event at the Archaeological Museum of Naples was an experience that left its mark. Art history teachers who attended were amazed.

We presented the Museo del Cricco Di Teodoro (Zanichelli Editore) in 23 Italian schools together with Emanuela Pulvirenti, and organized the preview event at the Museo Archeologico di Napoli with live streaming on YouTube.

We have created numerous book trailers for both new primary school products such as those published by Gruppo Editoriale Raffaello, and for new secondary school books and media including the latest proposals from Istituto Italiano Edizioni Atlas.

For the course “Literature –  Instructions for Use” by SEI Editrice we created “Il folle volo” (The mad flight) , a blog in which the authors of the book continue their work together with teachers and readers.

But perhaps the thing we like doing most is interviewing the authors of the books especially when they are strong and entertaining personalities. To name a few: Alberto Oliverio and Anna Oliverio Ferraris, the historian Luciano Canfora, the geographer Franco Farinelli and the mathematician Paolo Zellini whose Short Story of the Infinite made such a strong impression on Italo Calvino.