Graphic design and layout

Elegant and effective: we design the kind of books we would have liked to see at school.

We start off designing a book by sitting around a blank sheet of paper. We write down the authors’ ideas of the authors and list everything that can be achieved from an editorial perspective while striving to give a clear-cut identity to the spirit of the book, much attention being paid to its classroom and didactic workability.

A book’s graphic design is not merely for show; it is a language

We have completed projects for Italy’s leading educational publishers:  Zanichelli Editore, Editrice La Scuola, Raffaello Editore, Istituto italiano edizioni Atlas, Trinity Whitebridge and Luigi Trevisini Editore.

From the viewpoint of graphics and design, we have developed specific skills for every scholastic level, from primary through to secondary school and through to university publications.

We have designed covers and coordinated images for publishers. We have devised and created product series and one-off brands.