Education through cartoon films and videos

Over the last ten years we have focused on the media of animation and video to achieve  more effective teaching tools.

We have developed specific skills for conceiving and creating multimedia products.

For example we handled the entire production of Films of History, a 75-episode series on the history of mankind, commissioned by Zanichelli Editore: the original texts and every aspect of production: casting, permissions, footage, logistics), directing, shooting and final editing.

Shooting Films of History took us to a wide range of locations from Saracen Towers to Prehistoric caves.

We have devised, directed and created video lessons including graphic components for mathematics, history and the humanities. These include lessons on the works of Paolo Zellini and Luciano Canfora (published by Istituto Italiano Edizioni Atlas and courses by Professors Alberto Oliverio and Anna Oliverio Ferraris on behalf of Zanichelli Editore.

We have created hundreds of cartoon films for every school subjects: from science to Italian, from history to mathematics, from art history to law, from philosophy to economics . . .
Here our main clients have been Treccani, Zanichelli Editore, Gruppo Editoriale Raffaello, Editrice La Scuola, Istituto Italiano Edizioni Atlas and Eli La Spiga.

Some examples:

Cartoon films on Italian literature and human sciences for the Treccani Scuola school platform.

Series of cartoon films  on artistic techniques for Giorgio Cricco and Francesco Paolo Di Teodoro’s art history course (Zanichelli Editore).

Many of our animated films have been created using the stop motion technique. Some examples:  Storie di scuole (School stories) byIstituto Italiano Edizioni Atlas and presentations for Raffaello Editore.

The animations on the world’s greatest inventions, devised for the history course by Silvio Paolucci and Giuseppina Signorini (Zanichelli Editore).

Our voices

For all our videos and expressive audio lectures we work with expert Italian and English speakers. Listen!