Digital education

From design to software development: our offer for school digital

We started designing our first digital products for school ten years ago. Then, when many were pushing for digital at all costs, we were already advocating the eternal primacy of the book as a study too. We have never made “bad copies” of printed texts on screen. We have always thought of the digital education market as a formidable training ground for specific skills. After having developed many interactive products for every subject and school level, we continue to follow with interest the evolution of digital didactics in the world.
Our aim is to offer teachers and students something really useful, captivating and fun.

If a digital version is just a copy of a book, it’s no use.

We have designed and built the Museo del Cricco Di Teodoro, an archive of over 5,000 hi-res images for use in art history lessons with IWBs (Zanichelli Editore).

We have designed and created mobile applications for students. For example there’s Senza Libro (No Book), an app with interactive quizzes, voice control, and concept maps for quick revision when the book isn’t to hand (Istituto Italiano Edizioni Atlas).

We have developed software for sharing teaching materials between teachers and students. Some examples: Writing History in 500 Words, a history platform containing  with documents, historical maps, images and videos (Zanichelli Editore); The Writing Gym, a shared writing tool for literature teachers (Zanichelli Editore); The Law Tutor: this lets students consult law references in a guided way (Zanichelli Editore); The Economics Tutor: you can create in-depth courses on aspects of political economy in preparation for state exams (Zanichelli Editore).

For science students we have designed and created what we call EXPs, interactive experience-based  teaching pills, made to recreate the experiments of a real chemistry laboratory (Istituto Italiano Edizioni Atlas). Also for chemistry we have created a periodic interactive table, a tutor for redox reactions and a tutor for understanding correct nomenclature.

We have designed and produced interactive maps for history, geography, earth sciences, Spanish and English ebooks (Zanichelli Editore, Eli La Spiga, Istituto Italiano Edizioni Atlas).